Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota is seeking volunteers for its Senior Companion Service, in partnership with AmeriCorps Seniors, a national service agency, to offer friendship and support to older adults in the community. 

Senior Companion volunteers are age 55 and older and visit older adults weekly offering encouragement, sharing their time and talents, assisting with errands, grocery shopping and transportation to appointments to assist older adults in remaining healthy and independent. 

“I joined the Senior Companion family eight years ago. I love being with older adults and knew this is what I wanted to do after I retired,” shared Deb Doran, a Senior Companion volunteer. “I feel that I am helping those I serve by just being there and supporting them to live independently.”

And, the rewards go both ways, enriching the lives of Senior Companion volunteers as well. In a recent survey, Lutheran Social Service learned that over 90 percent of volunteers either agree or strongly agree that their volunteer experience at LSS has changed their life in a positive way. Almost 85 percent say that they feel more socially connected because of their service as a volunteer. More than 76 percent say that they feel healthier because of their service as an LSS volunteer. 

“I feel a personal satisfaction knowing I have positively impacted lives,” Doran said. “It is a life changing experience.”

“Volunteering is a great way to give back to those in your community,” said Carolyn Scherer, program director for Lutheran Social Service. “I hope many others will join us in this important service to our neighbors who are so grateful for the support.”

The Senior Companion Service is currently seeking volunteers who are age 55 years or older and can commit to at least 10 hours per week. Volunteers receive an hourly stipend, a chance to stay connected and a meaningful opportunity to make a difference in the lives of older adults. No prior volunteer experience is needed, and training is provided.

Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota conducts background checks to ensure safety. Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota welcomes volunteers from various cultures, backgrounds, traditions and stages in life to inquire. If you are interested in becoming a Senior Companion, call (888) 205-3770, email or visit 

Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota began in 1865 when a Lutheran pastor and his congregation opened an orphanage for children near Red Wing in southeastern Minnesota. Today, with 2,500 employees and 10,000 volunteers, Lutheran Social Service helps one in 65 Minnesotans through services that inspire hope, change lives, and build community. Some services, such as Adoption, Financial Counseling, Supported Decision-Making and Guardianship Options, Pooled Trust and Senior Companions support residents in other states as well. 

Through its mission, the organization seeks to foster safe and supportive homes for children, restore health and wellness in families, empower people with disabilities to live the lives they imagine, and promote health, independence and quality of life for older adults. 

For comprehensive information about the work of Lutheran Social Service, visit