By Tyler Trieglaff

Notes from the Chief

Well, we have 20 calves on the ground, all are healthy and happy. 

We had to assist with pulling two calves on the first calf heifers. There have been two sets of twins with 3 of the 4 surviving.  The first set was born in the pasture and one can never be too sure if mama will take both calves. 

The next morning, I decided that mama and the calves should be in the corral by themselves so we can monitor them better. Both calves were with mama at one point, but we wanted to make sure she had milk for both and that they were both drinking. We went into the field with a sled and Ranger and as I was approaching one calf, mama and the other baby took off walking. I grabbed the calf and we took it to the corral. We went back to mama and baby, and I used my cat like reflexes and caught the little bugger. I put the calf into the ice fishing sled on some straw and the boy was in charge of holding the calf down while grandpa drove back to the yard. As they took off mama wasn’t none too happy and started following the sled. I don’t think the boy liked it so much as he was nose to nose with mama as grandpa was driving maybe a little too slow. 

I was walking behind to give a little encouragement to mama but that was not needed. I didn’t see it, but when they got close to the corral, I think the boy bailed out of the sled like he was coming off a rodeo bull because mama was right there. We got the second baby in the corral and mama followed. It took a day or so but I finally saw both calves nursing at one time or another. They were turned back with the herd a day later. The twins are doing well and mama seems to still have enough milk.  

We have lost a total of three babies so far, all due to calving issues and not sickness. One first calf heifer laid down in the shed out of the weather but was too close to the wall and the calf could not make it out. It is hard to tell when that happened or if we could have helped had we noticed there was a problem. The second was a first calf heifer that seemed to have the calf a few weeks prematurely. The calf was fully intact but seemed very small and slightly deformed. Not sure on the exact answer. 

The third calf was a twin that we did not notice right away. Mama had had one baby and it was up and nursing, so we assumed that was it. The next day there was the other calf, laying right next to where the other one was born. This is the part of farming that always sucks. You think you are doing everything the best you can and these things happen.  

I picked up a bull for the neighbor a week or so ago. The old timer said that his sister who lives in the cities sure likes to read my column so I will give a shout out to her. I believe he or she graduated in 1954 from Frazee. I also got some fresh homemade ice cream with chocolate sauce last week too. There may be one more batch of the heavenly goodness being made with the snow almost gone, then I will have to wait until snow comes again next fall.

Have a good week!

Friday, April 14

8:43 a.m. Disturbance on E Main Ave. Adult brothers were arguing because two of the brothers worked the night before and the other would not let them sleep. Trouble causing sibling eventually left.

3:11 p.m. Report of a lost set of keys somewhere in town.  

Saturday, April 15

11:03 p.m. Officer found two teenage boys walking on Main Ave. Officer told them about the curfew hours and that they needed to skedaddle themselves home. 

11:19 p.m. Report of a vehicle parked suspiciously at the Catholic church and a male driver walked off. Officer talked with the owner of the vehicle and determined that although odd, nothing further needed to be looked at. Vehicle was gone within a half hour.

Sunday, April 16

12:39 a.m. Vehicle unlock on S Lake St.

Monday, April 17

7:01 a.m. Background checks for local business.

9:11 a.m. Resident reporting vandalism to his pickup with a small window broken out.  

10:36 a.m. Assist with a medical.

12:47 p.m. Resident called to report a Publisher Clearing House scam call they received over the weekend.

2 p.m. Parking complaint on E Main Ave.

3 p.m. Report of male making threats to former boss. Advised reporting party they may seek a restraining order, but they would have to work with Otter Tail County since that is where they live.

8:26 p.m. Neighbor issues with the kids not getting along or being in the other house unwelcomed.  

Tuesday, April 18

8:34 a.m. Female reporting that her boyfriend left and took some of her things. Officer found the male and got back some of the items, the other items he did not have.  

11:53 a.m. Report of a neighbor’s dog that is defecating on complainants’ property. Incidents happened on Sunday and Monday but not reported until Tuesday. Dog owner was given final warning.

2:14 p.m. Complainant claiming that they bought a vehicle in September and still has not received the title.  

6:16 p.m. Report of kids running into the street. Officer found one kid in the street and the kid ran into their house. Officer talked to dad about playing in the street. 

Wednesday, April 19

5:33 p.m. Traffic complaint coming into town. Officer stopped vehicle and found an elderly driver who was being extra cautious with driving. 

Thursday, April 20

11:50 p.m. Assist Human Services with a possible child removal pending urine tests.