5 years ago

Frazee-Vergas Forum

June 21, 2018

Renovations have begun at the city beach at Town Lake in Frazee. Becker County Soil and Water Conservation District workers were on site this Monday. The section near the boat dock was stated to be around 870-square feet in the initial plan. The work there included removing the rocks and installing coir logs and plants to create a root system that would prevent erosion and filter runoff.

Minnesota’s state flower, the pink and white lady slipper is once again making an appearance in ditches and damp woods. The lady slipper is one of 43 orchid species that grow in Minnesota. The feminine-looking orchid grows slowly, taking up to 16 years to produce the first flowers! Blooming in late June or early July, the plants may live, on average, about 50 years and can grow to be over four feet tall. It is a brightly colored orchid with one or sometimes two blossoms on a single stem. White petals sit atop a white pouch (slipper) which is streaked with pink, making it truly unique. Hairy ova leaves clasp the stem. These beauties can actually be found with gorgeous tones of pink, red, white and even green. A century ago, this flower was a favorite adornment in rural church altars during the summer. Since 1925, this rare wildflower has been protected by Minnesota state law. In fact, it’s illegal to pick, uproot or unearth the flowers.

25 years ago

Frazee Forum

June 18, 1998

It’s possible that construction of a new U.S. Post Office building in Frazee could begin by September, according to Postal Service real estate specialist Jackie Hagerty. But first, the location of the new building must be decided, she explained. The Postal Service hopes to be advertising for build-to-suit proposals for a Frazee Post Office location in the next 30-60 days, Hagerty said.

This Sunday, for the first Father’s Day since 1963, Bob Magill will not have to wonder where his daughters Laura and Robyn are, or what their lives are like. He will know. Bob, who lives in Frazee and is a city employee, was reunited with his daughters last year, after a separation of 34 years. “I was afraid to contact them. I didn’t think they’d want anything to do with me,” said Bob, whose ex-wife’s second husband adopted the girls when they were quite small.

Because crime doesn’t stop at city limits, neither should law enforcement, said Frazee Police Chief Kelly Shannon. Shannon explained that area law enforcement agencies—police and sheriff’s departments and highway patrols—automatically help each other whenever help is needed. “There’s no way we could do our jobs without assisting and being assisted by other agencies,” he said. Shannon stressed that the main reason law enforcement agencies assist each other is for the end purpose of better law enforcement and to provide help to people who need help. “That’s what we’re here for, is to help people,” he said.

50 years ago

Frazee Forum

June 21, 1973

A 74-year-old Menahga man drowned Friday night in a small lake in Becker County. The victim was identified as Carl Wood, who apparently fell out of his boat while fishing on Fiery Lake, about a mile north and two miles west of Menahga. His body was recovered late Saturday morning in about 30 feet of water, according to authorities of the Becker County Sheriff’s Department.

The Frazee Village Council has hired two new policemen and they began their duties this week. They are Donald Pearson of Park Rapids and Ronald Larson of Crystal, Minn. Police chief James Anderson, who has served the village for 26 years, will retire later this month. Anderson became the chief in 1943 and has served ever since, except for period from 1949 to 1953.

Eight 4-H’ers from Becker County participated in Dairy Day demonstrations at the Annual Dairy Days held on Thursday, June 7, at Audubon, according to Mrs. Enid M. Just, Extension Home Economist. A winter from each division was chosen to go on to Regional Dairy Days at Wadena, June 20.