5 years ago

Frazee-Vergas Forum

June 28, 2018

Organized games will provide hours of fun at Lions Park in Frazee on Thursday, July 5 from 9:30-11:30 a.m. The Boys & Girls Club of Detroit Lakes is bringing its Rec on the Go van to the two-turkey town and if the event is well attended will likely return. The programming includes organized games, free play and is geared toward ages 5 and older.

The Frazee City Council heard public input regarding its proposed rental ordinance during a special meeting Monday, June 25. After the commentary the council agreed to hold off adopting the ordinance as new verbiage was added at the meeting. The council will consider adopting the ordinance at its next scheduled meeting, which is set for Monday, July 9 at 6 p.m. in the Frazee Fire Hall meeting room.

Frazee’s Park and Recreation Committee discussed possible bike lanes to be marked along Maple Avenue from Lake Street to Fourth Street southwest. During the monthly meeting on Wednesday, June 20, the roadway was stated to be about 32 feet from curb to curb. With 12 foot driving lanes going each way the remaining roadway space would be about 8 feet. It was reported the Minnesota Department of Transportation recommends 8 feet for bike and pedestrian traffic going both ways.

25 years ago

Frazee Forum

June 25, 1998

The sign “Perry’s now open” may not strike casual passers-by as particularly profound, but to area restaurant-goers, history buffs and fish fans, it’s very meaningful. The acquisition of Perry’s by Mark and Mari Goethe represents a new chapter in a historic restaurant saga that dates back to 1941. The Goethe’s purchased Perry’s about two months ago, and are serving food and beverages and featuring entertainment on a consistent basis for the first time in several years.

The Frazee City Council determined the house at 402 South Lake Street is hazardous and owner LeRoy Feldt has 60 days to get the house up to code. Monday night’s special condemnation hearing drew 15 concerned citizens, most from the Lake Street neighborhood. They are allowed to speak regarding the property. The council deemed the house hazardous, which is an official step in the condemnation process. Feldt was given 60 days to make repairs necessary to remove the hazards and provide the city with inspection paperwork proving the house is up to code.

Frazee residents should see an increase in their water and sewer rates in the near future to help pay for upcoming improvements. In addition to rate increases, property owners located in the new water and sewer line areas will will most likely see special assessments tagged onto their tax bills.

50 years ago

Frazee Forum

June 28, 1973

August Ziegler of rural Frazee is listed in critical condition in St. Mary’s Hospital at Rochester, Minn. as a result of a 2-car accident that happened about midnight Friday near Rochester. Ziegler had reportedly stopped his car off the road during a heavy rain, and was struck head on by another vehicle. August suffered a severe brain concussion, head laceration, a broken ankle and has congested lungs. He was still unconscious Wednesday. His fiancee, Betty Dicke of Goodhue, Minn., is hospitalized in serious condition with a broken back, broken legs and a broken arm.

The Jaycee Jogging trip to Minneapolis ended at 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, June 24, with eight Frazee Jaycees jogging down 3rd Avenue to the Leamington Hotel. Twenty-eight Jaycees participated in the “201 miles—2 feet at a Time” project which began at Frazee Friday morning. A total of 24 hours of jogging was needed to make the trop. Overnight stops were made at Little Falls and Fridley. Minor injuries occurring during the trip were many sore feet and stiff legs, a couple of trick knees, and one blown tennis shoe. Total weight loss was 59 pounds.