Showroom added to storefront

Photo by Robert Williams
Mayor Mark Flemmer and Pine Cone Interiors owner Tyler Aho cut the ribbon on his new business on East Juniper Avenue with members of the Detroit Lakes Chamber of Commerce Wednesday, June 21.

By Robert Williams


With the help of Mayor Mark Flemmer and the Detroit Lakes Chamber of Commerce, licensed contractor Tyler Aho officially cut the ribbon on his new business, Pine Cone Interiors, on Wednesday, June 21.

The business officially opened in March, but much of the time since then has been spent on creating a showroom for mock kitchen and bathroom setups.

“It’s been a slow start, which I was expecting,” said Aho. “The big push was getting everything in here done and ready so when people do stop I don’t have to tell them I don’t have that yet.”

What was a room of a cement floor, studs and exposed insulation is now a showcase of the work that Aho does.

“Between this getting done and the state getting me my license number, getting all that tied up was a big relief,” he said. “It’s come a long way; I’m happy how it’s all turned out.”

Aho’s business is a great way of continuing a family tradition.

“I watched my dad do it for many, many years. I think it’s always been in me since that,” said Aho.

A Frazee native, Aho worked at Dynamic Homes in Detroit Lakes for a decade before moving to RCH Custom Homes doing estimating, purchasing and cabinet design. Along with growing up in the business, he felt he had plenty of experience to make a go of it on his own.

“I’ve been in the industry for quite a while; my dad did taping and texturing while I was growing up; he had his own business, so I’ve kind of been around the industry my whole life,” he said. “It just felt right, the right time and I feel like I’m at the right age to give it a go and try to make something happen with it.”

Aho specializes in kitchen and bathroom makeovers. Aside from the showroom, he had a trailer stocked for customers to view samples in their homes.

“Everybody’s home is a little different and some want to see what the new tile will look like,” he said.

Aho also uses his connections to provide services that are requested outside of his personal specialty.

“I hire subcontractors to do carpet and the stuff that I have knowledge in but I’m not professional in; I’d rather have them come in so everybody is getting the best work they can,” he said.

Project timelines are averaging roughly four to five weeks depending on the work being done. 

“I can definitely come out for a free consultation and estimate and get them a price back pretty quick; everything is a little different on timelines,” he said. “Flooring is about two to three weeks; cabinets are probably in that six to eight week range.”

Pine Cone Interiors is located at 500 East Juniper Avenue in Frazee and can be reached via phone at (218) 234-8616 or by email:, and by a search of Pine Cone Interiors on Facebook.