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Trying something new can lead to positive results and make fishing fun when the bite slows down.

Chill Fishing Report

Cody Hill

Try something new. Most of us only use a small handful of things in our tackle boxes. We probably also only fish a small handful of lakes because they are what we are most familiar fishing. Try something new and target a fish species you don’t normally target can help us with our regular favorite species and it also makes fishing fun again trying and doing new things.

Trout is a species that most people overlook and is possibly my favorite fish to target. Most people claim that our area doesn’t have trout in them but when you look online there are actually a few options in our area that most people don’t know where they are located. They give an amazing battle when hooked, they have some of the best colors I have ever seen, and they taste amazing!  

People usually think of trout, and they think Lake Superior or Canada, but we have a few lakes stocked with Rainbow trout within our lakes area that in my opinion are top-notch fisheries. Please remember that you do need a trout stamp prior to fishing that costs $10 to fish for them. When I talk to people about trout, they instantly think I need down riggers or big fancy boats to fish them, and I will tell you that you are 100 percent incorrect with that thinking.  

This past weekend I had the privilege of taking some of our veterans out with the Brady Oberg Legacy Foundation. It was a blast to watch these veterans getting excited catching Rainbow Trout. Yes, you can fish trout with down riggers and fancy lures, but I use a simple slip bobber with a hook and the most expensive part of my rig is the bobber. Watching these veterans get excited because their bobber went under makes fishing fun. At times I don’t know what is harder, trying to get the fish to the boat or trying to get the fish into the net!  

The next day I had a group of four with two younger kids join me in the boat. It was a blast watching the kids getting excited as they caught fish and having a friendly competition between siblings. I think one of the kids was more excited about touching the side of the fish than catching the fish.  

It seems that a lot of times we get so wrapped up in having to use the newest lure or latest technology but with trout fishing if you have an anchor and a long rope it’s all you need. Most of my trips this weekend I only had my graph powered on to keep my trolling motor locked into place with GPS. It was fun getting back to a simpler time when you tried to keep an eye on your bobber and let stress leave your body. Even though a very common phrase this weekend was “Does anyone see my bobber? followed by “Get the net Cody!”

This past weekend anglers made memories that will last a lifetime and if you are interested in booking a trip to make memories that will last a lifetime, please Contact Cody today to book a trip that will make memories that will last a lifetime. 

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