Seip, Sanders demolition, quiet zone enforcement in July

Photo by Robert Williams
Jesse Wunderlich, second from left, is negotiating the purchase of the former bowling alley building and Frazee Fitness Center. Also pictured are EDA chair Hank Ludtke, left, and EDA members Heath Peterson, John Olson, Jim Rader and Mayor Mark Flemmer.

By Robert Williams


Proposed upgrades to the Frazee gym and a purchase of the former bowling alley building were discussed at the monthly meeting of the Frazee Economic Development Authority (EDA) on Tuesday, June 27.

Jesse Wunderlich attended the meeting. Wunderlich is the co-owner of Otter Fitness Garage in Ottertail and will be taking over and expanding the Frazee Fitness Center located in the former bowling alley building. 

Wunderlich owns Otter Fitness with partners Chris and Breanna Hutmacher, and Tyler Hadley. The group is purchasing the entire building.

The EDA’s Loan committee, represented by Ashley Renollet, recommended a loan of $20,000 for improvements to be made to the building. The loan comes along with a mortgage on the property to assure payback of the loan in the event of a future sale of the building.

Wunderlich provided an estimate of more than $200,000 of future changes planned for the building, including demo work, framing, wall and ceiling finishes, adding a second furnace, two showers, bathroom updates, ductwork and electrical work, among others.

“There is a lot of stuff going into that building,” said Wunderlich.

The $20,000 loan is the maximum available for EDA to provide.

Wunderlich is in the process of negotiating the sale of the Frazee Fitness Center and plans to expand the space while combining it with the Ottertail gym business as a second location.

An appraisal of the property was completed last week.

Renovation plans include replacing the entire existing gym and turning the majority of the building into a 4,000-square foot fitness center. Half of the building will be the gym itself. Diego Da Costa’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu studio will remain in the back of the building. 

“It’ll be a nice facility,” said Wunderlich.

The new fitness center will bring contract jobs to town in the form of personal trainers.

Membership fees will be based on prices set at the Ottertail gym, roughly $40 per month on an annual contract.

“It’s extremely competitive,” Wunderlich said. 

Memberships will include access to both gyms in Frazee and Ottertail.

“It will be nice to see some renovations and make that into something that’s attractive,” said EDA member Jim Rader.

An office will be built in the community area in the front of the building and there will be 24-hour access to the gym via key fob system.

“Hopefully, this will bring in more people,” said Wunderlich.

All four Ottertail gym owners are locals. Hutmacher, Hadley and Wunderlich are 2013 Perham High School graduates, while Breanna Hutmacher was a graduate of Henning High School. 

In addition to the gym, Hutmacher, Hadler and Wunderlich own and operate Hoots Innovative Finishing, a construction company based in Perham. The company installs everything from flooring to tile work, wood work, custom tile showers, custom accent walls, handyman work and more. 

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The EDA board approved the renovation loan unanimously.

Downtown demolition

Demolition of the former Siep Drug and Sanders Oil buildings is waiting on the postal service’s roof inspector and the removal of records from the basement of the Seip building. City officials want to get the demolition completed as soon as possible. Phil’s Excavating is ready to start on the job after the Fourth of July holiday.

Quiet Zone

With the TUFF Curb installation complete, the railway Quiet Zone will be enforced after a 30-day waiting period. The horns should stop blowing in town by July 31.