5 years ago

Frazee-Vergas Forum

August 21, 2018

The Wolf Lake royalty has been crowned, and several ladies celebrated their new titles during the Wolf Lake Harvest Festival pageant on Friday, Aug. 17. The Lions Hall was filled with cheers of congratulations as Kelsie Heyer was named Miss Wolf Lake. The 17-year-old daughter of Chris and Jennie Heyer was also named Miss Congeniality and won the interview portion of the contest.

“You should’ve been here a half hour ago, it was wall-to-wall people,” Pastor Ryan Stockstrom told a woman who was attending the Harvest Fellowship Church’s first Free Produce Friday event. Even though people had to reach down into the 5-foot-tall square bins to retrieve cantaloupe, cucumbers, green beans, cabbage and corn, there was still plenty available for the late arrivals on Friday, Aug. 10.

Just days after the streets of Vergas were flooded with people for the annual Looney Daze celebration, Vergas Mayor Dean Heartsick had some high praises for the staff, volunteers and everyone who made the event possible. During the mayors minute portion of the Vergas City Council meeting last Wednesday, Aug. 15, Haarstick said the people he spoke to seemed to have a good time and enjoyed the community.

25 years ago

Frazee Forum

August 20, 1998

Cars lined both sides of Co. Rd. 4 just north of Vergas Saturday. On the Reinhardt Katzke farm, there was a festive atmosphere as the auctioneer delivered his rapid-fire spiel and people good-naturedly browsed through the items that would be sold. This, however, was somewhat different than many auctions. Many of the items being sold were very old. And many of those in attendance were serious antique collectors. Items for sale included solid oak rocking chairs a wood stove, a pump organ, a number of oil lamps and brass Aladdin lamps, a primitive shoulder-holder feed carrier, a hand-made banjo, pink depression glasses, bowls and saucers, razor straps, cow bells and a kraut cutter. Most dated back at least a half-century, many 75 year sand some a full century.

As far as the members of Wolf Lake VFW Post 8165 know, they may soon be the only Veterans of Foreign Wars post in the nation to operate gas pumps. The post has just purchased the Wolf Lake Cafe & Convenience Store. And while it doesn’t plan to run the convenience store, it does plan to keep the gas pumps open. The purchase, it was explained by members of an overseeing committee, was made for two reasons: because the cafe was closed and the community needed one, and because the VFW facilities needed upgrading.

50 years ago

Frazee Forum

August 23, 1973

Preliminary estimates indicate that 1403 pupils will attend classes the first day of school in the Frazee-Vergas School District. This will be on Monday, August 27th. It compares with a similar figure of 1410 last school year. A complete staff of four administrators, 65 full time teachers, 10 part-time teachers, 1 bookkeeper, 7 secretaries, 3 teacher aides, 1 nurse and 2 nurse’s aides, 7 custodians and 7 school lunch personnel are expected to report for the opening session of the pre-school workshop Thursday, August 23.

The Becker County Board of Commissioners recently approved a change in zoning for 460 acres of land adjoining Big Toad Lake to commercial recreation. The Board was joined in approval by the Becker County Planning Commission and the Toad Lake Town Board. This action gave the green light to construction of a proposed $3 million recreation complex in the Toad Mountain area. The change in zoning was requested by Tomo Country Club, Inc., Detroit Lakes, which plans to build a ski run and other recreational facilities in the future at the Toad Mountain site in Becker County. Other facilities include a marina and a campground and golf course. Plans are to spend $250,000 on development of the site this year and $1 million next year.