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Wednesday Morning League, L-R: Sharon O’Brien, Becky Schaeffer, Kathy Fischer, Jackie Odegasrd, Laure Zerbil, Linda Bauer, Jan Sanders, Karen Cooper, Vicki Heydt, blank, Elaine Palmer, and Deb Oak.

The Frazee Golf Course league seasons came to an end for the 2023 members in both men’s and women’s leagues.

The end of the year Wednesday morning Ladies tournament was held Thursday, August 24 with 11 members in attendance. The theme was “Luau at the Links.”  

The flight winners were:

Deb Olk – 1st flight,

Jackie Odegard – 2nd flight

Becky Schaffer –  3rd flight

In the ladies Tuesday night Flex League, Tori Piper placed 1st, Jennifer Ovsak placed  2nd, and Janice Trieglaff placed 3rd.

Thursday night Men’s League tournament results are as follows.

League Net winners include,

1st Zach Roforth

2nd Max Rue

3rd Max Matejka

4th Randy Buhr

5th Matt Brown

League Scratch winners include:

1st Matt Haverkamp

2nd Mike Grandbois

3rd Mark Wothe

4th Jeremy Anderson

5th Tim Trieglaff

Tournament Net winners include,

1st Adam Alexander

2nd Jake Erickson

3rd Craig Fairbanks

4th Travis Gray

5th Craig Golkowski

Tournament Scratch winners include:

1st Tim Trieglaff

2nd David, Laine

3rd Matt Haverkamp