Three 4-H youth from Becker County participated in the Minnesota 4-H State Dog show from Sept. 23-24. In total, 363 youth and 417 dogs from across the state participated in this annual event, held at the 4-H Building on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

Over the two-day event, 4-H’ers demonstrated their skills and knowledge in agility, obedience, showmanship, and rally, competing against other youth in their age group and experience level.

Youth members of the Minnesota 4-H Dog Project learn to train and build a trusting relationship with their pet. Topics of study include canine behavior, breed characteristics, diseases, ethics, grooming, health, nutrition, responsible breeding, service dogs, therapy dogs, dog-related careers, and the wide array of dog sports.

“Youth learn so much responsibility from training their dog and competing in the 4-H State Dog Show,” said Kim Lambert, one of the many caring adults who volunteer with the 4-H Dog Project statewide. “These kids work all year long, building strong partnerships with their dogs. If they don’t work carefully with their dogs, the dogs won’t work for them. The responsibility kids learn here they can use forever.”

4-H is a youth development program of the University of Minnesota Extension. Available for youth in kindergarten through 1 year after high school, 4-H’ers participate in hands-on learning experiences in STEM, citizenship; leadership, animal science, creative arts and much more. In this learn-by-doing process, youth obtain essential life skills such as problem solving, decision making, coping and communicating that help them succeed in their school, college, community and career. Research shows that youth who participate in 4-H have better grades and are more emotionally engaged with school, are more than twice as likely to be civically active and contribute to their communities, and are 47 percent less likely to have risky or problem behaviors.

Happy Hillside Club results:

• Melanie Honer – Obedience / Beginner –  Red ribbon – Score: 140 

• Lillian Hembre – Obedience / Graduate Beginner Red ribbon – Score: 138

• Lillian Hembre – Rally / Pre-Novice – Blue ribbon – Score: 92 Time: 1:04:25 

• Piper Hembre – Rally / Pre-Novice – Blue ribbon – Score: 83 Time: 1:20:19 

• Melanie Honer – Rally – Pre-Novice – Blue ribbon – Score: 77 Time: 1:24:25

• Lillian Hembre – Rally / Novice – Red ribbon – Score: 68 Time: 2:19:68

• Lillian Hembre – Showmanship – Open – Red ribbon 

• Piper Hembre – Showmanship – Open – Blue ribbon

• Melanie Honer – Showmanship – Open – Redribbon 

To learn more about the 4-H Dog Project, contact 4-H Local Extension Educator, Elliott Lawrence at 218-846-7328 and visit the website,