5 years ago

Frazee-Vergas Forum

October 16, 2018

The Frazee City Council approved a new no parking zone at its monthly meeting Monday, Oct. 8. November through April no parking will be allowed between 2-6 a.m. on Main Avenue, from the intersections of Third Street Northwest to Endeavor Road. The no parking restriction will also include Lake Street from the Birch Avenue intersection to the railroad tracks. The purpose of the no parking is to improve access for snow plows before traffic picks up in the morning. Utilities Superintendent Larry Stephenson explained there are usually a few cars parked on those streets, which causes the plows to create a berm around them and those berms quickly become ice.

A new sign was installed along U.S. Highway 10 recognizing the Frazee Fly Girls as state champions. The sign is located above the Frazee Hornet wrestling state champion billboard. The signs can be seen when driving east on U.S. Highway 10, shortly after the Eagle Lake Road exit.

The Frazee-Vergas School District’s general fund balance grew by just under $75,000 last year as the district received slightly more revenue than expected, while underspending its budget last year. During its regularly scheduled meeting last week, the district received its annual audit report from Courtney Richmond of Eide Bailly. The audit showed total revenue at just over $10.9 million, while expenses were closer to $10.84 million. By comparison ,the district received 3.2 percent more revenue than budgeted while spending .4 percent less than budget.

25 years ago

Frazee Forum

October 16, 1998

Carol Tappe has been painting, in her words, “as far back as I can remember.” But she is, for the first time in her art career, having a print of one of her paintings published and marketed. It’s a print of a rural Minnesota outdoor winter scene, with a well-used, not-exactly-state-of-the-art fish house and several carefully-carved decoys crafted by well known Frazee decoy maker John Jensen. A lake is in the background and a coffee can used as a container is conspicuously in the foreground. There is also a wood pile.

If in the future people go to the Minnesota Historical Society to learn about fish decoy carving, they will be learning about the art form as practiced by John Jensen of Frazee. Historical Society Curator Adam Scher will be in Frazee Friday, Oct. 16 to do a videotaped interview with Jensen, in which he will discuss and demonstrate his craft. It will be the first documentary on fish decoy carvers the Historical Society has ever done, according to Scher.

50 years ago

Frazee Forum

October 18, 1973

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence McEvoy will be speaking here on Monday, October 22, at 8 p.m. in the lower elementary gym. Mrs. McEvoy devotes much of her time speaking throughout the state in defense of life: including the unborn, mentally retarded and the aged. Dr. McEvoy is a specialist in internal medicine at the V. A. Hospital in Minneapolis, an instructor in medicine at the University of Minnesota Medical School and a graduate of Marquette University of Medicine. Mrs. Carol McEvoy has a Master of Science Degree in biochemistry from Marquette University and a B.A. Degree in chemistry from Trinity College, Washington, D.C.

Frazee’s Community Fund Drive will kick off on Tuesday October 23, according to Mrs. Curtis Johnson and Mrs. Robert Boardman, co-chairman of this year’s solicitation. This once-a-year appeal is designed to eliminate the need for many individual solicitations for various charities. Letters have gone out in the mail this week to all Frazee residents and businesses in which the funds will be listed which will receive money raised in this year’s drive. Every person is urged to consider the important work being carried on by these organizations, and to have a generous contribution ready when a volunteer worker calls at your home org lace of business next week.