Shows to be held at elementary school, high school and Frazee Event Center

By Heidi Moen and Robert Williams

Special to the Forum

GROW Frazee Vergas Coalition has hired Hip, Hop and Hope (Officer Michael Bloom and Crew) to come to the Frazee, March 18-19 to perform “Know Your Worth.”

Hip, Hop and Hope will be performing at the high school the morning Monday, March 18 and at the elementary in the afternoon. After school, the group will be at CornerStone Youth Center to hang out with more Frazee-Vergas students. 

On Tuesday, March 19, they will be doing a free community event at 6 p.m., at the Frazee Event Center called “Knowing your Worth.”

CornerStone Youth Center will also be featured at this event by serving a free will donation taco meal from 5:15-6 p.m. 

The two-day event is made possible by the Positive Community Norms (PCN) grant funded by the Minnesota Department of Human Service – Behavioral Health Division. 

Those who are interested in helping plan community events or helping to GROW the Good in Frazee and Vergas can reach out to Heidi Moen, PCN Grant Coordinator Frazee-Vergas via email: or phone: (218) 841-2893.

Michael Bloom

Bloom has been a member of the Fargo Police Department since 2014 and is a Community Trust Officer and invests heavily into the lives of local area youth. 

Officer Bloom began rapping in uniform in 2016 as a way to connect with youth in the community. Music, mainly hip-hop, has allowed Officer Bloom to build relationships with students. Bloom is also the director of Excellerate Youth, a nonprofit that helps foster teens that are phasing out of foster care to prepare for a successful future.

Fred Edwards

Edwards is a distinguished Creative Director and accomplished teaching artist hailing from the Great Plains, holds a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, demonstrating extensive expertise and visionary leadership. As a driving force behind groundbreaking initiatives like Umoja and Fred’s Dissonance, Fred has spearheaded transformative programs fostering narrative justice and community empowerment.

Umoja, a 16-week leadership endeavor in the F-M area, stands as a testament to Fred’s commitment to redirecting youth toward meaningful careers while addressing societal gaps through writing, leadership, and cultural awareness. Fred’s Dissonance, a multi-generational initiative, serves as a benchmark for positive community development, championing narrative justice and cultural empowerment, reshaping educational paradigms with culturally relevant curricula.

Edwards’ compelling talks and impactful spoken word performances, drawn from a rich personal journey, resonate across diverse audiences, from collegiate forums to middle schools, showcasing his ability to inspire and catalyze change. Edwards embodies resilience, emerging as the unlikely 10th child following his mother’s tubal ligation. His life story underscores his unwavering commitment to fostering positive change and narrative justice through community empowerment and creativity.

Ron Wilson

Wilson aka “Kaboose” is no stranger to having the odds stacked against him.

His powerful story navigates his path as a Native American and white youth raised in a broken (and sometimes abusive) home, as he struggled with a learning disability, depression, suicidal ideation, and even a heart defect that nearly killed him in high school. For more than 10 years, Ron has shared his dynamic message, engaging and challenging listeners to believe in hope against the toughest of circumstances.

His positive message and relevant mix of music and storytelling form an authentic connection with his audience helping others to overcome hurdles in their own lives.

Kaboose has released two hip hop albums and has been featured in national publications – including hip hop publications The Source and XXL Magazine among others. Throughout his speaking and performing career, Ron/Kaboose has blended his unique story and talents to reach diverse audiences from all walks of life.