Public hearing on sanitary sewer upgrade

Photo by Robert Williams
City Administrator Stephanie Poegel informed the Frazee City Council that Apple Tree Dental has opted to partner with Essentia Health in Detroit Lakes, rather than open their 10th location in Frazee during the most recent meeting of the council Wednesday, March 13.

By Robert Williams


For the second time in one year, a proposed dental office in Frazee is no longer on the books. Apple Tree Dental was considering a tour of the downtown retail space next to Seip Drug, however, an agreement between Apple Tree and Essentia Health in Detroit Lakes has been reached for a 10th dental location, according to a report by Frazee City Administrator Stephanie Poegel to the city council Wednesday, March 13. 

Last November, Northern Dental Access Center (NDAC) decided to pull out of the Frazee market. The non-profit had chosen Frazee for its third location in February of 2023 and a tentative agreement was reached between the city of Frazee and NDAC on the purchase of the downtown commercial building in August.

The decision to opt out was made after two years of fundraising for the project and at the two-year mark the funding simply was not there to complete the transaction.

After discussions with several potential businesses interested in the downtown retail center, a common detractor is the raw form the interior is in and comments have been consistent that there is a need to complete the space to make it “walk in ready.”

Poegel, Public Works Supervisor Larry Stephenson and Economic Development Consultant Karen Pifher met to discuss those needs. Poegel has met with the building inspector to discuss design and plans are to move forward with having drawings rendered and obtaining bids on the buildout

Sanitary Sewer

A public hearing was held on the Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) and Facility Plan to consider a preliminary evaluation of the construction requirements for the replacements of the Sanitary Sewer – 2nd Street SW and Main Ave. Pumping Station and adjacent system collection piping that also crosses the Otter Tail River.

City Engineer Chris Thorson gave a preview of the project and a historical review of what is being replaced.

This PER will examine the existing condition of the wastewater collection and pumping infrastructure to be upgraded within the City. Data and information derived from historical documents, such as record drawings and plans, visual observation, sewer pipe televising, and discussion with City maintenance staff, was used to determine the existing condition of the infrastructure. This information will be used to summarize any deficiencies and ultimately make improvement recommendations.

The information and recommendations in this PER are preliminary in nature. The main objective is to provide general guidance for the future project design process, if deemed necessary. More detailed information would be identified during the design process from field surveys, sewer televising, and soil borings. This information can, and often does, dictate changes to the data contained in this document and the resulting recommendations.

The council also passed two relevant resolutions to the project – one to apply to the Minnesota Public Facilities Authority for a loan from the Clean Water Revolving Fund for wastewater system improvements. The loan estimate is approximately $2,203,000 or the project bid price. The city will use the loan to reimburse construction expenditures made prior to the issuance of its general obligation bond to the Public Facilities Authority.

The second resolution was required by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency for the city to develop and adopt the PER and facility plan.


Shawn Eckert, President of the Frazee Fast Break Club, informed the Parks and Recreation Committee on Feb. 28, that the club is looking into getting a gaming license with a two-year goal of getting a basketball court in the central part of town with fencing.

Eagle Lake Park

City Attorney Thomas Winters presented a revised purchase agreement for the sale of Eagle Lake Park to the Eagle Lake Park Association, Inc., for the purchase price of $190,000 to be paid on or before May 31.

A sliver of land that runs along the fenceline of property owned by Laurel Erickson on Park Road was conveyed to Erickson by warranty deed.