New Wellness Room is located on third floor of Becker County Courthouse

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Becker County added a Wellness room to the third floor of the courthouse in Detroit Lakes. The room is available for use by staff and the public.

Quiet spaces can also be used for reflection, prayer, and relaxation for all employees. It provides a peaceful space in which employees can escape the work environment’s demands while not disrupting general operations. It’s important to offer a “stress safety valve” during the workday.

“The room is located on the third floor of the courthouse and is available for use for staff and the public. At this time there is no scheduling needed for this room, breastfeeding needs do get priority for usage. This room is also intended for individuals that may have medical issues that need a quiet space,” said Human Resource Director Carrie Smith.

In the current workplace climate, organizations are working better at supporting and retaining employees. Embracing workplace wellness strategies goes a long way towards that end.

One of those strategies includes supporting breastfeeding parents and other employees who may need a calming space. The national trend is to create wellness rooms that can be dual used as lactation and calming rooms.

“We are pleased to make this space available for our employees and the community when needed and we’re already seeing usage since its availability,” said Smith.

Becker County participated in PartnerSHIP 4 Health’s recent workplace wellness collaborative to learn best wellness practices to support their employees. As part of that learning, Becker County moved forward two policies impacting new moms including a new lactation policy. Then they created a wellness space designed to be used for not only lactation but other wellness needs.

Breastfeeding provides many benefits for infants and mothers and new moms are more likely to come back to work if they have the support of their employers such as a lactation space.