Special label to read prescription aloud for patients

In an effort to better serve their patients with visual impairments, Essentia Health is unveiling a free tool that reads prescription labels aloud.

The tool, called ScripTalk, uses text-to-speech technology to verbalize prescription labels for patients who cannot otherwise read them. It is readily available via smartphone app or a small device. ScripTalk relies on an electronic tag that Essentia pharmacists program and place on the container. When the tag is scanned by the app or set on the ScripTalk device, the prescription is read aloud.

ScripTalk’s text-to-speech technology can speak in 25 languages. It is free and available through Essentia pharmacies by pick-up, mail or delivery where available.

Patients can ask their pharmacy team to use ScripTalk; those requests can be made by phone, email or in person. When needed, the pharmacy team will connect the patient with a ScripTalk representative, who will make sure the patient understands the app. If the patient needs the device, called a Station Reader, ScripTalk will mail it to them at no charge and will check in every six months to see if the patient wants to continue using it or if they want to begin using the app.