Hornets open season at BSU indoor meet

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Brady Crabtree broke his own school record at an indoor meet in Bemidji on Thursday.

By Chad Koenen


Frazee High School senior Brady Crabtree wasted little time in raising the bar to his school record pole vault. Crabtree set a school record 13’6” at the Little Amik indoor track meet at Bemidji State University on Thursday. He eclipsed his school record, which he set at the state track meet last year, by 6 inches. 

Tyden Schaefer finished in second place in the 60-meter hurdles during last week’s indoor meet in Bemidji.

Due to inclement weather the Hornets were forced to head to Bemidji State University on both Tuesday and Thursday last week as part of large indoor track meets. The team fared well, especially given the practice challenges that have been caused by less-than-ideal weather over the past few weeks.  

“In both of our meets last week, our athletes showed a lot of grit and hard work. Indoor track meets are tough being the first meets of the year and tight corners. Throw in some weird weather the last few weeks and it makes it even more difficult,” said head coach Jim Jacobson. “We had a lot of great performances and came out with a good outlook for the rest of the season. Kids were willing to step into some different roles and try some new events.”


Hailey Selly took 13th place in the 60-meter dash on Thursday.

The Frazee girls track team got their season off to a rousing start on Tuesday night at Bemidji State University as the Hornets took fourth place with 74 points. Hibbing won the meet with 90.5 points, while Bemidji finished with 83.5 and Bagley/Fosston finished with 83 points. There were 13 teams in the meet. 

The boys team also fared well as they took fifth place out of 14 teams with a final team score of 46 points. Bemidji won the meet with 103 points, while Rock Ridge took second with 91.5 points, Hibbing was third with 78 points and Crosby-Ironton was fourth with 50 points. 

The Hornets 4×400-meter relay team of Elsie Ratz, Brynn Larson, Jayden Sonnenberg and Hailey Selly once again fared well on the track as the team captured first place with a time of 4:24.12. The same group of Hornets captured second place in the 4×200-meter relay with a time of 1:54.56.

Contributed photos
The Frazee Hornets traveled to Bemidj State University to compete in their second indoor track meet of the season.

In the field events, Larson took first place in the high jump with a jump of 5’, while Sonnenberg took fourth place with a personal best of 4’10”. Sonnenberg also captured first place in the triple jump with a personal best of 33’7” and Selly took fifth place with a jump of 31’3”. 

In the shot put, Leslie Moore took fourth place with a throw of 31’ 3 1/2”.

Ratz led the mid-distance runners with a third place finish in the 800-meter with a personal best of 2:37.3, while the hurdlers captured three of the top seven spots in the 60-meter hurdles. Larson led the way with a personal best of 10.64 to finish in third place, Selly took fourth place with a time of 10.84 and Aynslee Johannsen took seventh place with a time of 11.48. 

Brady Borah races around the corner during the 800-meter run at Bemidji State University.

On the boys side, the hurdlers once again led the charge with Tyden Schaefer placing fifth in the 60-meter hurdles with a time of 10.32 and Carter Sonnenberg taking sixth place with a time of 10.38. 

Sonnenberg also took second place in the high jump with a personal record of 5’10”.

Brady Crabtree placed first in the pole vault with a vault of 12’, while Schaefer took fourth place with a vault of 10’6”. Crabtree was also able to finish in second place in the triple jump with a personal best of 40’ 3 1/2”.

Womens results

200 meters- 11. Aynslee Johannsen 30.07PR, 26. Lainey Jacobson 31.37SR, 61. Hope Hamm 34.08PR, 63. Kodian Schermerhorn 34.18, 64. Valeria Rodelo 34.21, 70. Gretta Wurst 34.70PR, 74. Faith Pihlaja 35.40

400 meters – 12. Aynslee Johannsen 1:09.76PR, 15. Lainey Jacobson 1:10.69SR, 39. Valeria Rodelo 1:20.05PR

800 meters- 3. Elsie Ratz 2:37.30PR, 11. Lola Hoehne 2:53.73PR, 26. Faith Pihlaja 3:11.94PR

1600 meters- 10. Madilyn Perrine 6:21.02, 14. Lola Hoehne 6:30.95PR

60m hurdles- 3. Brynn Larson 10.64PR, 4. Hailey Selly 10.84SR, 7. Aynslee Johannsen 11.48, 12. Lainey Jacobson, 12.37

4×200 relay- 2. Hailey Selly, Brynn Larson, Elsie Ratz, Jayden Sonnenberg 1:54.56a

4×400 relay- 1. Elsie Ratz, Brynn Larson, Jayden Sonnenberg, Hailey Selly 4:24.12

1600-meter medley relay- 6. Kodian Schermerhorn, Gretta Wurst, Lola Hoehne, Madilyn Perrine 5:25.76

Shot put- 4. Leslie Moore 31’ 3.5, 45. Addison Ratz 20’ 11.5

High jump- 1. Brynn Larson 5’ 0SR, 4. Jayden Sonnenberg 4’ 10PR, 11. Aynslee Johannsen 4’ 6PR

Pole vault – 10. Lainey Jacobson 6’ 0PR

Long jump- 42. Kodian Schermerhorn 10’ 9.5, 43. Lola Hoehne 10’ 8.5PR, 45. Faith Pihlaja 10’ 5.75PR, 47. Valeria Rodelo 10’ 3.25

Triple jump- 1. Jayden Sonnenberg 33’ 7PR, 5. Hailey Selly 31’ 3SR

Mens results

200 meters- 17. Nathan Longfors 25.88PR, 47. Erick Rodelo 27.23PR, 53. Willam Stroburg 27.37, 90. Deandre Puttbrese 30.15, 92. Hunter Simon 30.52PR

400 meters- 61. Hunter Simon 1:15.64PR

1600 meters- 10. Jonah Sharp 5:24.99PR, 15. Brady Borah 5:39.77PR

60m hurdles- 5. Tyden Schaefer 10.32, 6. Carter Sonnenberg 10.38PR

4×200 relay- 6. Brady Crabtree, Nathan Longfors, Carter Sonnenberg, Brady Borah 1:46.06

4×400 relay- 4. Brady Borah, Carter Sonnenberg, Nathan Longfors, Jonah Sharp 4:01.72

Shot put- 25. Erick Rodelo 33’ 3PR, 33. Blake Amundson 31’ 11.75, 44. Deandre Puttbrese 29’ 3.25

High jump- 2. Carter Sonnenberg 5’ 10PR

Pole vault- 1. Brady Crabtree 12’ 0PR, 4. Tyden Schaefer 10’ 6PR

Long jump – 31. Nathan Longfors 16’ 1.75, 38. Willam Stroburg 15’ 5.5, 49. Brady Borah 14’ 7.25, 59. Deandre Puttbrese 13’ 4.5PR

Triple jump- 2. Brady Crabtree 40’ 3.5PR, 21. Hunter Simon 24’ 9.25PR


After inclement weather forced the cancellation of Frazee’s first home meet in five years, the Hornets hit the road once again to travel to Bemidji State University for the second time in three days.

The boys team took sixth place with a team score of 43 points. Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale took first place with 135.5 points. 

On the girls side, the Hornets tied Wadena-Deer Creek for eighth place with 29 points. West Marshall won the meet with 95.5 points.  

Brady Crabtree broke his school record in the pole vault to finish with a vault of 13’6” to break the record he set at the state track meet last season by 6 inches. 

The 4×200-meter relay team of Brady Borah, Alex Helmers, Nathan Longfors and Tyden Schaefer took first place in the 4×200-meter relay with a time of 1:42.5.

Schaefer captured second place in the 60-meter hurdles with a time of 9.88 for a personal best in the event. He also finished in second place in the pole vault with a vault of 10’6”.

In the long jump, Helmers set a personal best of 17’11” to finish in fourth place and Crabtree finished in seventh place with a personal best of 17’8 1/4”. 

On the girls side, Madilyn Perrine took sixth place in the 1600-meter run with a personal best of 6”12.73, while Hailey Selly took sixth place in the 60-meter hurdles with a time of 10.96. 

Leslie Moore took second place in the shot put with a personal best throw of 31’3 3/4”, while Elsie Ratz took fifth place in the long jump with a personal best of 14’9 1/4” and Aynslee Johannsen took sixth place with a personal best jump of 14’7 1/2”. 

Womens results

60 meter- 13. Hailey Selly 8.84SR

200 meters- 12. Aynslee Johannsen 30.36, 31. Madilyn Perrine 31.98PR, 44. Kodian Schermerhorn 32.68SR, 45. Lola Hoehne 32.71PR, 53. Valeria Rodelo 33.32PR, 67. Faith Pihlaja 34.57PR

1600 meters- 6. Madilyn Perrine 6:12.73PR, 14. Lola Hoehne 6:33.33

60 meter hurdles- 6. Hailey Selly 10.96, 7. Aynslee Johannsen 11.31PR

4×200 relay- 7. Hailey Selly, Brynn Larson, Aynslee Johannsen, Elsie Ratz 2:02.44

Shot put- 2. Leslie Moore 31’ 3.75PR, 17. Addison Ratz 23’ 4.5PR

Pole vault- 6. Gretta Wurst 5’ 0PR

Long jump- 5. Elsie Ratz 14’ 9.25PR, 6. Aynslee Johannsen 14’ 7.5PR, 27. Kodian Schermerhorn 11’ 10.25SR, 31. Valeria Rodelo 11’ 6.5PR, 40. Faith Pihlaja 10’ 2.75

Mens results

200 meters- 10. Alex Helmers 25.70PR, 14. Nathan Longfors 25.92, 19. Brady Crabtree 26.13PR, 32. Willam Stroburg 27.05PR, 54. Deandre Puttbrese 28.82PR, 78. Hunter Simon 30.86

800 meters- 12. Brady Borah 2:29.25PR

60 meter hurdles- 2. Tyden Schaefer 9.88PR

4×200 relay- 1. Brady Borah, Alex Helmers, Nathan Longfors, Tyden Schaefer 1:42.50

Shot Put- 22. Blake Amundson 32’ 1.75PR, 27. Deandre Puttbrese 30’ 9.75PR

Pole vault- 1. Brady Crabtree 13’ 6, 2. Tyden Schaefer 10’ 6

Long jump- 4. Alex Helmers 17’ 11PR, 7. Brady Crabtree 17’ 8.25PR, 13. Willam Stroburg 16’ 11.25PR, 18. Nathan Longfors 16’ 5.5PR, 21. Brady Borah 16’ 2.5PR, 48. Deandre Puttbrese 13’ 2.25, 54. Hunter Simon 12’ 7PR