Popular Prom Potty challenge is back for second year

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Frazee-Vergas High School Prom Committee members Karli Bachmann and Miss Frazee 2023 Hailey Selly have unleashed the Prom Potty fundraiser. Help raise money for prom by scheduling a delivery of the toilet to a friend’s yard or buying insurance to keep it out of your yard.

By Robert Williams


In 2023, the Frazee High School Prom Planning Committee and advisor Heather Perrine made changes to the annual spring formal and used a new and creative fundraiser to improve the event.

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The Countryside Barn, east of Frazee, will be the site of year’s Prom dance for the second year in a row.

The Traveling Prom Potty is back this year and in the first year of usage became the main fundraiser for prom. The uniquely decorated toilet can be sent to a friend’s yard for $30, removed from a yard for $25 or people can pay $50 for insurance to keep the potty from appearing in front of their home.

The lighthearted fundraiser gained traction quickly last year and the social media community enjoyed following the travels of the toilet via the hashtag #IveBeenBombedByProm. 

All proceeds raised go to the planning committee for decorations, the dinner, the site of the dance and the post-prom gathering. 

The fundraiser is essential to pulling off a successful prom.

“That’s where most of our donations came from,” Miss Frazee 2023 Hailey Selly said. “It’s kind of like a game that the community gets to play with each other.”

The toilet does come with a sign that explains the fundraiser, but seeing it move around town helped the fundraiser gain momentum last year to help provide the needed funds.

“People were like, why is there a toilet in your yard? What’s going on?,” said senior Linsey Marks

This year’s prom will be held on Saturday, April 27, and the dance will return for a second year to Countryside Barn 16 miles east of Frazee. Countryside is a modernized, rustic farmstead that specializes in hosting weddings and other gatherings.

Anderson Bus will be shuttling kids from the school to Countryside and back. The high school will be hosting the Grand March, prior to the dinner and dance at Countryside. Students are not allowed to drive themselves. The shuttles will return the students to the school for post-prom, which is scheduled to end a half-hour earlier this year by 1:30 a.m.

This year’s prom theme is “A Night Under the Stars.”

Post-prom will be gambling night with an assortment of games that will allow students to win prizes. The committee has invited professional blackjack dealers to run the games.

The committee is holding a promposal competition for the most unique proposal to prom, a common online activity.

“It’s a pretty, common tradition, but in Frazee we don’t really do it, so we’re trying to make it a bigger thing,” said Selly.

Promposals can be sent to the committee’s Instagram account (instagram.com/frazee.prom) and all entrants will be eligible for a free entry to prom.

Cost to attend this year’s event is $40.

The Prom Committee is also offering to help students with their promposals.

“We’ll make the signs for them for an additional $10 or we can put on their promposal if they really want us to,” said Selly.

Organizers are hoping the trend with promposals picks up pace once the first one is completed, much like how the Prom Potty gained traction last year and continued to gain momentum right up to and past the date of the dance.

“We need somebody to start it,” Selly said.

Both Marks and Selly are hoping to get some of their fellow male classmates out of their shells for some exciting promposals.

For more information and updates visit the committee’s Facebook page (FHS Prom Committee).

For girls still seeking out a dress for prom, there are plenty available at The Monarch Coffee House. Visit Miss Frazee 2023 Hailey Selly of Facebook to view a video of available dresses and contact Heather Perrine at the Monarch if interested.