Photo by Robert Williams
CornerStone executive director Mackenzie Hamm, left, will be hosting Frazee native Becky Schmitz for two separate sessions where Schmitz will share mental health strategies that she has packaged as “The Mental Health Toolbox.” Schmitz will be in Frazee Wednesday, May 22, presenting at 3:30 and 6 p.m.

By Robert Williams


In February of 2023, Becky Schmitz was beginning to formulate what her “Mental Health Toolbox” precisely was and wanted to publicly share her treatment utility that matches a tool with a coping skill that she uses in her practice.

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Former Miss Frazee Becky Schmitz shared her “Mental Health Toolbox” presentation to a full house at the Douglas County Local Advisory Council last week.

In the first of two features with the Forum last year, Schmitz shared her desire to move into public speaking and her toolbox was going to provide the means to that end.

“I want to be a public speaker,” she said. “I love everything about talking. I’ve been on stage and in pageants. I would love to do more. I would really love to travel and speak publicly; that’s what I aspire to do someday. It’s been fun to go out and talk about it.”

The 2003 Frazee-Vergas graduate and former Miss Frazee is the Executive Director of Vikingland Community Support Program in Alexandria.

In that position, Schmitz primarily works with adults.

“That’s what I’m used to,” she said in a June interview at CornerStone. 

Her reach began to expand to teenagers in the spring of 2023 and a big part of pushing that effort was an invitation by CornerStone Executive Director Mackenzie Hamm to have Schmitz come share with young people in Frazee.

“I just knew there is a need and there isn’t that much out there for teens,” said Schmitz.

Hamm was in attendance last week when Schmitz gave her presentation to a full house at the Douglas County Local Advisory Council and came away with two future dates.

“This will be available to youth, parents and communities and you will want to be there,” said Hamm. “I went see her presentation today and I can’t wait for you to be a part and learn tools for yourself or tools to help someone else.”

Schmitz will bring her tool boxes to CornerStone: Frazee Community and Youth Project on Wednesday, May 22 at 3:30 and 6 p.m.