New Wannigan Park signage coming soon

Photo by Robert Williams
The city council has approved the renaming of the Seip/Sanders lot to “Pedal Pusher Park,” with a matching mural to be painted on the side of the exposed building.

By Robert Williams


The Frazee City Council unanimously approved a recommendation from the Park and Recreation Committee to rename the open Seip/Sanders lot downtown “Pedal Pusher Park.” The committee has discussed a mural of rolling hills, blue background and black old time bike silhouettes. Sharon Jons has provided potential ideas for the mural and city staff is working on a concept drawing for the plan of the space.

“We’re going to be seeing some cool stuff down there,” said Mayor Mark Flemmer.

Wannigan Regional Park

Frazee Community Development Corporation (FCDC) representative Polly Andersen informed the city council of three new updates regarding Wannigan Regional Park.

FCDC will be applying with the Minnesota Department of Transportation and Department of Natural Resources to have Wannigan Regional Park included on brown signs that will be placed on either side of the U.S. Highway 10 overpass directing travelers to the park.

Brown signs are most commonly used to convey tourist information, and the white lettering, which is displayed on the brown background, is internationally recognized as a sign providing information for tourists. A symbol will be included on the indicator as well, and this is meant to represent the type of destination present in the area.

A grant application for $340,000 was submitted on Monday, April 1, which includes two picnic shelters and tables, toilets, benches, parking, a paved pathway from the parking area, a drinking fountain, and a water bottle filling station, two toilets with a temporary well and septic.

“If we get the money, we can amend our request,” said Andersen. 

FCDC is also working on a welcome sign for the park entrance that accounts for walk-in and drive-in traffic.

The park will also have to register with county dispatch concerning physical addresses for emergency services and the park may require three different addresses for the separate parcels on River Drive North, 120th Street and Chilton Road.

Chilton Road is not a planned access road to the park and signs are planned for the intersection of Chilton and County Highway 87 to direct park visitors to River Drive North.