Sleeping bags are distributed via the Becker County Food Pantry to people in need

  The Detroit Lakes area Knights of Columbus are again requesting people to donate sleeping bags that are sitting in a closet/storage collecting dust. 

These used, functional (the zippers work), sleeping bags are then distributed, via the Becker County Food Pantry, to homeless people or those “couch surfing.”

The Knights ran this campaign previously and quickly lost count as to how many sleeping bags came in since so many were going out at the same time. Different agencies that deal with homeless people have utilized a number of the sleeping bags. Area schools have also requested sleeping bags for students who are no longer living at home for various reasons, and are “couch surfing” between family or friends.  

Just this past winter, we had a mother request 3 sleeping bags. One for herself and 2 for her children, all who were living in their car.

If you have any sleeping bags that haven’t been used in awhile and are collecting dust, please donate them to someone in need. You can drop them off at the Food Pantry, Tuesday and Thursday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.