The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has updated the online version of the 2024 Minnesota Fishing Regulations booklet to address an omission and make two corrections.  

On pages 7 and 29, an omitted regulation was added. Anglers fishing in open water in the Minnesota River downstream of the Granite Falls dam and in the intrastate portion of the Mississippi River downstream of St. Anthony Falls may use two lines. This regulation has been in effect since July 1, 2023. Anglers must continue to use one line when fishing other inland waters (including rivers) or Canada-Minnesota border waters. Two lines are also permitted for anglers on Minnesota border waters with Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. Two lines are also allowed statewide when fishing through the ice.

Additionally, on page 14, the age range for anglers requiring a trout stamp was incorrectly listed; it is 18-64. And, on page 66, the beginning closure date for the fish sanctuary on the St. Louis River Estuary was incorrectly listed; it is March 1.

The online fishing regulations booklet and more information about fishing in Minnesota are available on the Minnesota DNR website (

Print versions can also be downloaded from the site, or found in local bait shops and convenience stores.