The Frazee boys golf team recently competed in two JV/JH meets this week also. The boys went to Pelican Rapids and then had a home meet. The Hornets that participated were Tristan Maijala, Matt Lindell, Ashton Gerving and Bo Stroburg.  

For most of these guys it is there first action of their careers and first meet of this season.  

Maijala shot 61 in Frazee and 65 in Pelican Rapids. He is in eighth grade and has started to dedicate himself more to the sport, which head coach Jason Reierson said was fun to see.  

Lindell shot 59 and 60, showing some consistency. He has a nice swing that just needs some refinement. He is in seventh grade and it was his first opportunity to play competitively.  

Gerving shot 65 and 69. Reierson said you can just see that Gerving loves playing the game.  He doesn’t always hit the best shot, but moves forward with a positive attitude nonetheless. Again it is his first career meet as a 7th grader. 

Stroburg rounded out the group he only played at Pelican and shot 86. He continues to come to practice and tries to get better every day.