To the Editor,

The winds of erosion of our democracy are blowing stronger as more attacks on and disregard  for our constitution continue unabated. Highest level crimes like insurrection and sedition, are defended by large segments of a major political party sworn to defend against them. 

Dangerous threats to democracy are the attacks on voters rights, ease of casting ballots, Gerrymandering district  boundaries, and allowing challenges to election results with no basis. The presidential election of 2020 was perhaps the most honest, but most challenged in history as well.

Election years are the best opportunity to portray differences between the political parties, their historical records while in power, and what they are planning for the future. The period from the depression in the 30s to the present as representative of each party’s contributions to the “common good”.

Luckily, I don’t have to go back into the unknown to gain an appreciation of each party’s governing accomplishments and failures.  I was born in the depression and only 7 when WWII broke out.  

Unfortunately, the two parties have drawn their lines in the sand for decades, Republicans are largely conservative resisting change if it costs tax dollars verses the liberal progressive Democrats push for investing tax dollars to advance programs leading to future improvements in the lives of everyone. History has proven this to be true.

A good way to see party differences is looking back in history to see what major events have taken place and which party was responsible. In general, however, Republicans have taken the positions of individualism verses government/private sector partnership, reducing government regulation and control, lowering taxes for corporations and the wealthy, and emphasizing America First in foreign relations.

Most notable improvements in “social” areas since the depression and WWII are the civil rights of non-whites and women in general, and finally including gender differences. Voting rights, civil rights, and lifting women up from male bondage were key advancements, all Democrat initiatives vehemently opposed by Republicans. 

On the economic front, labor unions were born giving workers more control over wages and benefits which, along with Social Security  and Medicare/Medicaid has provided seniors with resources in their later years. Many of these advances will be rescinded or repealed if Republicans regain control as happened under the Trump presidency. 

Just a short summary to get our minds into this critical election.

Lee Purrier

Park Rapids