There have been over 65 new billionaires created in the U.S. since March of 2020, bringing the total to an excess of 650.  These oligarchs are what ‘owned’ Paul Ryan likes to call ‘makers not takers.’  There are also 8 million (and counting) new entrants to the ranks of poverty with 16 million (and counting) unemployed.  This is quite an accomplishment for Trump and his Republican lackeys in only one year.

For those of you who complain about COVID relief monies, please explain the imperative of $2 trillion in tax cuts to corporations and ultra-elites.  Those dollars are coming from public education, health care, environment and infrastructure.  Please explain how it is that 415,000 (and counting) dead Americans can be considered rounding the curve. Please explain how it is that faux warriors occupied the Michigan capitol and sacked our congress. Is it perverted selfishness or acute libertarianism?

I’ve had it up to my lower lip with the elitist fluffing bean counters and the grievance, ‘it’s mine—get your own’ crowd. The world is changing as always—it’s called evolution —deal with it like adults.  For those of you full of hate, bigotry, selfishness and yourselves, that’s your choice­—it is not an obligation.  

Like it or not we live in a shared democracy.  That’s what the common good is all about.

I firmly stand shoulder to shoulder with Reverend Dr. William Barber and other clergy who abide by the Golden Rule and against those more concerned with wealth management and market share. What has transpired in the past few years and especially on Jan. 6 is why I’ve stayed away from group think and those who buy into it.  It’s about self-respect. Please proceed, Lincoln Project.

Leland Jenson

Detroit Lakes