To the Editor,

I am writing as a former resident of Frazee with strong family ties to the community. I am disheartened to learn about the discontinuation of Chief Tyler Trieglaff’s column, reportedly due to the decisions of two government officials.

Chief Trieglaff’s weekly column, which covered events on his family beef/dairy farm and highlighted entries from the police blotter, provided both humor and comfort for readers. Personally, I looked forward to sharing highlights from his column with my extended family. It was reassuring to know that the community I grew up in has remained largely unchanged and continues to be a safe and secure town.

Accounts such as a rescued calf in a ditch or a missing cell phone evoke memories of  Frazee’s carefree days that I remember fondly. Frazee was a place where there was no need to lock doors, and people looked out for one another. Small towns inherently evoke a strong sense of security and community, and Trieglaff’s police reports captured that essence perfectly.

As Dwight Eisenhower once stated, “For any American who had the great and priceless privilege of being raised in a small town, there always remains with him nostalgic memories… And the older he grows, the more he senses what he owes to the simple honesty and neighborliness, the integrity that he saw all around him in those days.” I believe it is crucial to bring back that sense of integrity to the Frazee Forum!


Judith DelMain Brennan, Class of ‘58

Former Frazee Resident