By Tyler Trieglaff

Notes from the Chief

Some may have noticed and some not, but I was absent from town for a few days. Actually took myself and the Domestic Associate (DA) on a vacation. A short little get away to the travel capital of the US of A.

Rochester, New York for those of you who are wondering. Ok, not really the travel capital of the USA, but a nice little break from the daily grind of the chief and farm life. 

Niagara Falls was a short drive away and we even snuck into Canada for a few minutes. There is a walkway to walk across the border with Border Patrol on each side. The agent in Canada was very nice. We walked through the gate, took a few pictures and walked back. Cost us a dollar each to leave Canada, thanks for nothing Canada.  

Niagara Falls was sort of dreary and overcast but still very beautiful and interesting. Many walking trails and sights to see. Due to the season, most amenities were closed.  

We made it to Rochester and found our hotel downtown. Supper was next on the list, and we found a place called Hose 22. It is an old firehouse refurbished into a restaurant which was very authentic with many old fire department items hanging about the place. All the essentials a hose dragger would ever need, except the placemats with color crayons. I figured the firemen must have snacked on too many crayons, so they took them away. Most people don’t consider them a snack. 

Thursday was spent finding some walking trails along the Genesee River. We also drove up to Lake Ontario and checked out a nice park along the beach. The DA mentioned how big Lake Ontario was until I showed her that it was the smallest of the Great Lakes. I had no idea the size or scale of the lakes either.  

Thursday evening, we found a nice pub to have some vittles before the big show.  

The big show was a concert of Toto and Journey and the whole point of the trip. There were two brothers at the concert who last saw Journey two years ago and the rain was coming down sideways. They had a much better experience at the Blue Cross Arena. It was fun to listen to the 72-year-old twins talking about their work experience in the TV industry. They were cameramen and used to film in the very arena we were in. Hockey games and Section 5 basketball games they talked and climbing amongst the rafters was part of their job detail. The arena is bigger in size than the Scheels Arena in Fargo.  

Friday was another tourist day, taking a drive to the country with our flight leaving early Saturday morning. More of the Friday details next week if we find something exciting. 

Have a good week.

Friday, Feb. 16

12:36 p.m. Report of a man handing out unusual pamphlets around town, apparently pure maple syrup will cure most health problems according to the pamphlet.

1:59 p.m. Assist with a Medical

4:01 p.m. Report of a Counterfeit used at a business.

4:32 p.m. Someone found another counterfeit bill on Main Street

Saturday, Feb. 17

2:07 a.m. 911 hang up call, child dialed on accident

12:57 p.m. Report of a possible burglary, Male reported that his door was tampered with while he was gone. Nothing appeared to be missing from his residence

1:36 p.m. Assisted with a vehicle vs deer on US Highway 10

1:50 p.m. Report of a Dog at Large 

2:01 p.m. Disturbance between a male and female, male left before officers arrived and no one wanted to tell officer the details of what had happened. 

5:09 p.m. Officer located graffiti at the Lions Park 

Sunday, Feb. 18 

5:54 p.m. Vehicle pulled over for speeding on County Highway 29 near Red Willow Dr

6:33 p.m. Vehicle pulled over for failure to stop at a stop sign at Lake St S and County Highway 10

Tuesday, Feb. 20 

1:15 a.m. Officer checked on a vehicle at Lions Park after hour of closing told them to move along

7:52 a.m. Vehicle was stopped for Speeding on County Road 29 near Red Willow Dr

8:10 a.m. Vehicle was stopped for Failure to stop at a stop sign at County Highway 29 and Rew Willow Dr

9:34 a.m. Another vehicle failed to stop for the same stop sign above.

1:49 p.m. Report of Civil issue involving purchase of a Mobile home

2:33 p.m. Report of Vandalism to a vehicle

Wednesday, Feb. 21

1:37 p.m. Male reported someone was actively trying to break into his apartment. The male was hallucinating due to medical reasons. He was brought to the Hospital.

Thursday, Feb. 22 

1 a.m. Roommate reported the male from earlier was hallucinating again, Officers spoke with him.

2:53 a.m. Male that was hallucinating called wanting to talk to an Officer.

8:42 a.m. Assisted All N All locate a party that failed to pay for their fuel.

1:15 p.m. Fire alarm at the school, false alarm was set off by the dishwasher steam.

4:37 p.m. Vehicle stopped for speeding on Lake St S by Town Lake Beach