By Msgr. David Baumgartner

Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Frazee

Here is a thought from last week’s homily: We all are to do something. We may not be able to go to Washington DC to participate in a march for life or go to Fargo to protest. All of us can pray.

Since Christmas a focus of attention has been on helping my mother prepare for her move. The big day was January 24. This was the scene at 10 am… My brother Jim was operating the loader that was removing snow from the driveway of the “old” fourplex. As he was moving the last bucket of snow, Mom backed her car out of the garage for the last time and proceeded to Kelleher Manor, her new home. Even before her car was out of the driveway the moving van was backing up for a perfect alignment of the ramp. The two men hoisted the first of the furnishings on to the truck at 10:15 and by 12:15 they had unloaded the last of it in her new home.  Amazing! It was as if an orchestral conductor was calling for each instrument in perfect timing.

Mom and I directed the placement of furniture. My brother Bob tended to pictures, lamps and other fragile items. My brother Mark cleaned the vacated apartment. Members of mom’s card club provided lunch and supper on the move day. There are leftovers for a month of meals!  As I was leaving the following day, a lady was bringing a plate of cupcakes and begged me to take one for the road. On Wednesday my sister Ann spent the day tweaking the arrangement of all things and serving wine and cheese to celebrate the new chapter.

The mood of this move was one of gratitude and joyful anticipation. What a blessing!

We are the Body of Christ. As members of his body, we are to assist one another, especially in times of need. Sometimes the body is attentive to the needs others and responds with perfect timing. At other times, one of the members is in need and is suffering and alone, and there is no conductor or orchestra.

It is our Christian duty to open our eyes and to respond to the needs of others, not only on moving day, but every day. Thank you for all you do to care for family and friends, for the widow and the orphan.