To the Editor,

I don’t see the grounds that Barry Nelson, Erica Jepson, and Dave Meyer have to fire the best administrator we have had in Becker County.

I visited with Pat four times to explain things I wondered about. Pat is very smart; he works hard; he is fair and by the book.

Erica said the employees want Pat fired.

Well, I’ve been talking to several department heads; they had the same feeling or impression I do. In fact, I have statistics on exiting employees. It shows me he is doing a good job.

The number of employees that left the county is nearly half of the average of the last four years. In 2019, 45 employees left, 52 in 2020 and 2021 and 51 in 2022. Last year, that number dropped to only 28.

Right now, I have over 1,000 people or more backing me up. In fact, I fill the board meetings with people in favor of Pat. 

The three board members Barry, Erica and Dave, blame Pat for money spent on the legal budget. They are the ones that voted and passed these items to be done.

Barry, Erica and Dave made comments Pat doesn’t reach out to them.

They were asked if they tried to contact Pat. They all said, “no.”

This was at a board meeting and it was said.

Union representatives campaigned and backed Dave and Eric at a union rally that they now have to replace Richard Vareberg with a union representative.

At this time, Erica refuses to do any town hall meetings to answer for these issues or discuss what is the future direction for Becker County. These commissioners are voted in by the constituents but their vote is for the whole county.

If Barry, Erica and Dave fire Pat it will cost Becker County $40,000. If the people in Becker County feel like I do, call Erica Jepson at 218-841-2396 or any of the commissioners on the board.

Joe Stenger, 

Detroit Lakes