To the Editor,

One thing about having a critical mind is always trying to understand why other people see things differently. In these times of powerful corporate media, group survival and happiness has been so greatly manipulated that too many people are giving money and power to others who use it against all of us.

Sunday school lessons about Jesus and the hardships of group survival have made me a Democrat. But demands of “Accepting Jesus” and losing my critical mind was never acceptable. I accept Jesus as a spiritual friend and advisor from stories studied about his life. I understand Jesus’ confronting church leaders about their hypocrisy in manipulating God’s word and people for power and riches. That confrontation ended Jesus’ life.

So far, we give power to leaders who get the most votes from our ballots. Biden wants to keep our democracy. Trump says he will be a Dictator on “Day 1” without setting limits. Most local people, like a retired friend, seem okay with a Trump dictatorship. My friend plays cards with neighbors who are all family-farm Republicans. He said his “Trump-leaning” was because his “retirement funds made more money under Trump.” I know that Wall Street stock dividends and job growth under Biden are far better. A moral is that any card game, like survival, requires a tight hold on a critical mind facing disinformation to manipulate personal decisions.

Just as Trump joined the church political powers in 2016 for their influence, endorsements and campaign funding, major news sources also reported that churches later encouraged the Supreme Court decision about ending pregnancy choice. Church access to these Justices only came after large donations to the Supreme Court retirement pension. That access helped to manipulate other conservative Justices into joining the Trump-appointed Justices to support that Decision. In back rooms, the corruptions of conflicting Court and Church purposes made that Decision against pregnancy choice very easy. But on paper, that Decision was claimed to be reasoned under “States Rights.” The U.S. Constitution defines “States Rights” as the Federal Government having constitutionally defined powers and then State Governments having powers not otherwise Constitutionally forbidden.

Under States Rights, the Colorado State due process litigation, confirmed by its Supreme Court, found Trump guilty of insurrection for his plans to overthrow the 2020 election. Insurrection penalties addressed in Amendment 14, Section 3. of the U.S. Constitutional bars Trump from holding any government office for that insurrection. In the recent Supreme Court hearing on that Colorado Decision, this same Trump-biased Supreme Court sounded like it will overturn both States Rights and Amendment 14, Section 3. If States Rights and the U.S. Constitution are now arbitrarily disregarded just to force Trump’s name on state ballots, future voters will never have to worry again about Constitutional Rights or voting, if Trump succeeds.

Trump’s determined overthrow of our Democracy has given us extraordinary times. Church leaders are pushing harder to bring about these “end times.” In one sensitive part of the world, they support Netanyahu and his Zionist tribe busy killing Palestinians hoping these Netanyahu decisions will trigger Armageddon war with the Arab world. And the church hurls “Antisemitic” labels to manipulate social acceptance of this genocide of Palestinian people. In this country, churches manipulate Trump support for his antichrist leadership just to hurry along the final rapture of eliminated critical minds. If successful, church “Accept Trump” confrontations will determine personal liberty.

Administrators of these Trump MAGAT Gaza-camps will then have a Zionist type Judeo-Christian education program to end critical thinking. For those fighting back, perhaps labeled the “American HAMAS,” a genocidal response would be justified. For resisters and their families, cattle stockyards could allow quick, cheap setups for the forced MAGAT education of resisters. MAGAT original sin dogma would view anyone kept in these camps as “losers” for their “loyalty sins.” Each camp would mandate self-support from work assignments. Any spiritual support given would be gate signs saying, “Work makes you free.” No prisoner hoping for camp redemption will say “Love your neighbor” as God advised through Jesus.

While fighting in North Africa, my uncle became a WWII prisoner and kept in Italian and Nazi prison camps. After the first year of imprisonment in brutal circumstances, he and two friends escaped during an allied bombing raid where one friend was killed by machine gun fire. Back home at his family farm, he often voiced hate for arbitrary governments. He always voted Democrat as a best hope to avoid arbitrary government. Like him, I hate fascist dictatorships that attack free governments like Ukraine, Taiwan, Palestine and ours. I do not respect or envy those dictators, like Trump does. And I will never vote for Trump!

Erwin R. Rud, 

Fosston, Minn.