To the Editor,

It is one-dimensional to say that any younger person is “more capable of a better job.” That assumes younger means better judgment. And that is not a better judgment on facts.

For instance, the prevailing emotion of younger Republican politicians and activists these days is anger. For them, anger is justified insanity coming from frustrations with facts.

We all know that terrible decisions come out of anger.

Now, I do not like Senate Republican Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell. But McConnell is far better at making decisions for Republican policies than a younger, angry person.

I think McConnell’s brain freezes are understandable. McConnel continually realizes he is in judgment hell in defending current Republican policies, like government shutdown to force a dictatorship.

Age does matter.

Erwin Rud, 


Communism back in state politics and stronger than ever

To the Editor,

I am expressing my concern as to what I see is the persistent and troubling rise of communism and socialist principles within Minnesota politics. These ideologies threaten the very values and freedoms that our nation was built upon—individual liberty, free enterprise, and limited government. Our system of Democracy and the consequences of unchecked socialism and communism are real.  We must take action to prevent its spread by accepting the fact that its presence is coming into our own backyards. 

It has come to my attention that a Communist group is holding a Marxist school in Minneapolis the last weekend of September. Their own website states, “Capitalism is on the brink. An entire generation has known only crisis, austerity, and climate catastrophe. Everywhere we look there is war, poverty, and exploitation. And yet, the rich have seen their wealth grow enormously. People are correctly beginning to draw the conclusion that the root of the problem is capitalism itself. Twenty percent of young people in the US now believe that ‘communism is the ideal system.’” ( We cannot let statements like this go unanswered.  

On top of that, in the last election, three individuals, aligned with the Democratic Socialists Party were elected to the Minneapolis City Council. This represents 25 percent of the city council. Yes, Democratic Socialists in the Twin Cities made significant gains in 2022 midterm elections. In addition, all six of the candidates endorsed by Twin Cities Democratic Socialists of America—including four state lawmakers—won their races. The results effectively doubled the size of the DSA-aligned caucus at the state Legislature. One member won a House leadership post last week. 

I believe this matters because a small but growing cohort of DSA members holding office in Minnesota could push for a wider embrace of the movement’s progressive politics and policies, including within the Legislature’s new DFL majority caucuses. 

The problem of communism did not go away with the fall of the Berlin Wall! It is back and stronger than ever, infiltrating every aspect of our political, cultural, educational, and spiritual institutions.  

We are at a critical juncture in history, where the battle between freedom and totalitarianism rages on. It is not enough for us to simply hope for a better future; we must actively work to defend the principles that make our society prosperous and just. 


Elliott Olson, 

Golden Valley, Minn.