To the Editor,

The 2023 legislative session is a little over halfway done and we expect to see large omnibus finance bills heading to the House Floor for votes in the coming days. I am sad to report that Democrats and Gov. Walz are proposing to spend the entirety of the state’s $17.5 billion budget surplus on growing government instead of returning it to you, the hardworking taxpayers of Minnesota.

While spending the entirety of the budget surplus is disappointing enough, Democrats and Gov. Walz are looking to increase overall government spending by 40%! An increase this large with the surplus being used on new spending means that we will probably be looking at budget deficits in the not-so-distant future. This lack of fiscal restraint is going to cause serious problems down the road.

To make matters worse, as they spend the budget surplus and increase government spending by 40%, they are also looking to raise billions in new taxes.

At a time when the state has triple the largest budget surplus in history and as all of us deal with soaring inflation and rising costs, it is simply unbelievable that they would raise billions in new taxes.

Unfortunately, this is the world we’re living in here in Minnesota.

A few examples of tax increases include a delivery tax that will make your Amazon purchase more expensive, license tab fee increases, and a new payroll tax that will directly take money out of your paycheck.

Instead of investing in government programs that will only grow bureaucracy and impede on your liberty, we should be prioritizing our rural nursing homes and giving the surplus back to you.

Moving forward, I am committed to fighting to make sure the values, concerns, and priorities of our communities are heard loud and clear in St. Paul. You deserve much better from your state government than what Gov. Walz and the Democrat majorities in the House and Senate are delivering.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me to share any thoughts or questions you may have. I can be reached by email at or by phone at 651-296-4929 or cell 701-361-1909.

Rep. Jeff Backer,

Browns Valley