To the Editor,

I’m writing to let the town of Frazee know how disappointed I am.  

Having grown up in this town, I have always felt the “Minnesota Nice” concept from this town and state… Oh how things have changed!

This is what happened. I put flowers on the grave of my two sons who died in 1981, from drowning. My sister also put flowers on her daughter Jill’s grave who died in 1994 and flowers on our parents’ graves which are right next to these graves.

I went to water the plants yesterday, May 28, only to find that the pot of flowers on my two sons’ graves were gone as are the flowers on our parents’ graves.   

On my niece’s grave the flowers have been pulled out of the pot, but that pot was left there minus the flowers.

This is so heartbreaking to our family and I would like whoever did this, bring back the flowers to my family’s grave sites.  

Kay Wothe, Danae and Rick Wothe