To the Editor,

With all the political garbage drowning out the really significant events needing constant attention and action it is heartening to get a glimpse of real diplomacy and future planning from our leadership. Thank you Joe. Regular and visible meetings with world leaders, bringing forth legislation designed to help those in many areas of need, especially health, lodging, food, clean water, and opportunities to become educated/training to advance their station in life…all targets of Bidenomics and Build Back Better.

In the meantime, the Republican leadership is mired in two losing strategies for the economy, lower taxes for the rich and fewer regulations for corporate America. This accumulation of wealth by saving on taxes enables them to exert more political pressure on the elected officials they buy to do their bidding. The hope is that the rich and powerful will take up the slack of government assistance for the working and needy classes, many of whom fought their foolish wars and even lost their lives, were wounded and disabled … incapable of providing for self and family. Nothing has ever  ”trickled down” from Greed. No good has come from these actions except for the top 20 percent. And yet, Republicans keep voting for them despite getting nothing in return. 

Yet there is much to be hopeful for. Our Justice and Judicial system is under scrutiny and rightly so for even the Supreme Court, now politicized and greedy, is no longer the beacon of independence. Thank you, Mitch McConnell and Trump.  The good part is we are paying attention, investigating and prosecuting those who have violated our basic laws and rules. Hopefully, the results will be strengthening that which has been attacked and shattered with lies and false conspiracies.

There are two distinct differences between Democrat and Republican approaches to violations. Democrats start with the law violation then identifying those responsible and prosecuting. Republicans target someone they want to prosecute, like Hillary and Hunter Biden, then try to find a crime they committed…backwards and fruitless but politically ok because many voters believe whatever their party tells them.

The multiple criminal trials coming up in this election cycle will bring who we are to the surface. Are we a Democratic nation based on the rule of law as defined in the constitution and laws/policies derived therefrom or are we moving toward authoritarian rule in which one powerful individual has control over every aspect of our lives. Trump’s actions over the past 6 years clearly indicates this is his goal.

Please take this seriously.

Lee Purrier, 

Park Rapids