To the Editor,

Thank you for including information about the Frazee Library LINK site.  

I have been listening to the news about how the math and reading skills, for students, have been shown, by testing, to be lacking. Society blames COVID. I agree that that may have been part of the reason.  

I heard of a 17-year-old student who signed in by computer every morning for school and then went hunting and fishing all day. I don’t think that he graduated. Also video games do not include many printed words so if your child is a gamer, how are his reading skills?

I am sad when my library site is by the high school and no students or teachers visit it. I have been reading since I was in elementary school. Because I started reading early by sixth grade I got to do a course in speed reading which I still use. My favorite series was Nancy Drew mysteries. My favorite book is Mrs. Mike, mostly because it was very similar to my living at the forestry station in northern Becker County. 

When I was in high school and college, the library was a very good place to meet people! And to study…they have study rooms now. I have worked in several libraries and love the job. I learn something new every day such as, where Quam is, the CCC after the depression, what a chicken’s brood is, the Vietnam war, there is 6-man football, and that there are 3 sides to the story-mine, yours, and the full story.

And I’ll leave you with a saying on a T-shirt that I saw in the library. Respect older people. We graduated without GOOGLE and  WIKIPEDIA!  Can you?

Eileen Mooney

Frazee Library LINK site Coordinator