Publisher’s Perspective

Chad Koenen

Does anyone know how you become a meme? 

I think for my summer project I want to figure out how to go viral as a meme. That being said I don’t want my meme to be too embarrassing, like Michael Jordan crying elephant tears or anything that has to due with the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation lawsuit. 

I’m thinking something fun like an overwhelmed dad when his children show him how to access their schoolwork online. Or how about a confused basketball/softball coach who has a dozen elementary girls telling him multiple stories at the same time. 

Dani tells me all the time I am not good at hiding my emotions so I am sure the expression on my face could tell one heck of a story. 

Maybe I could be a bald guy with a killer farmer’s tan. After all, by the end of summer I may have one of the best farmer’s tans around. For those who don’t know, I cannot get sunburned as my burn turns into a giant rash. As a result, I need to keep my shirt on most of the time and that means some wonderful tan lines that my wife and kids just adore. 

I mean seriously, wouldn’t it be fun to have your friends or family send you a text of yourself doing something funny/crazy.

Last week Mark Radetic, a Missouri man who was attending the PGA Championship in Tulsa, Okla., went viral with a picture/meme of him watching Tiger Woods hit a tee shot. While everyone else in the crowd had their cell phones out in an attempt to get a picture of the legendary golfer, Radetic was standing stone cold with a can of Michelob Ultra in his hands. 

For those who have seen the picture he sticks out like a sore thumb, but the picture is nothing short of comical. Anyone who has been to a sporting event of the past few years can relate to the picture as our world has become infatuated with holding up our cameras/phones, instead of watching what is going on in real time.

Just a few days later, Michelob Ultra tracked Radetic down and plastered his picture holding a beer on everything from t-shirts to hats and a mock up of a new beer can. He is now known as The Michelob Guy. Radetic told a podcast that never in his wildest dreams did he think standing there watching Tiger Woods hit a shot would result in international fame. 

Ironically, perhaps, he said there was a sign that said do not take pictures of anybody or any player within 100 yards. As you can see, very few people listened to that message. 

So what did the Missouri man get for all of his new found fame, apparently Michelob Ultra is promising him a  copious amount of beer, merchandise and potential to go to other PGA events.

Maybe with a little luck and some help from someone who knows something about technology, I could become the next great middle age man who hit it big as a meme. However, I think I would hold a good beer, like Old Milwaukee Light, just in case I go viral and get a few free cans of beer in the process.

Purchasing pictures

If someone wanted to get a good picture of me to create a meme of a stressed out, high strung, still 39-year-old, the past few weeks would have been a great opportunity to do so.

May is one of the busiest months here at the newspaper with all of the spring concerts, school activities and sporting events happening at the same time. 

Now that May is finally behind us, I wanted to remind our readers that we have thousands of pictures available on our website to purchase. These pictures can be downloaded to your computer, or even printed through our website, and mailed to your front door. 

We are also willing to sell digital copies of our front pages or specialty sections that you can print on your own as well. 

If you want a digital copy or printed picture of something in our newspaper, we ask that you purchase the product with us or online, rather than try to take a picture of the newspaper and print it yourself.