To the Editor,

I congratulate you on publishing a very good small town newspaper. Newspaper seems to be going down the same road as the Dinosaur and I admire anyone who has the courage to undertake all the effort that goes into getting a newspaper out. My uncle was in the small town newspaper business and it is a lot of work and one that is usually filled with love of a publication, well done. Most of the newspapers I grew up with are all history.

History is what brings me to writing to you today. I have not lived in this area a long time and most of the articles are about people I know nothing about. I still enjoy your paper. It is upbeat and the Frazee police report shows the community’s humor and common sense approach to life that I have witnessed in the communities you reach out too. That brings me to your letters to the editor segment. Is Leland Jensen the only person who writes letters to the editor in this area? I have picked up other publications from the area and there he is.

I believe in hearing both sides of issues. Know your enemy! Leland’s left wing, progressive communist agenda went to far on February 23rd. Important people in my life fought in WWII Korea. Viet Nam was where my husband went. I had friends who were wounded and died there. My son commanded the tank that shot a hole in the EMPTY Baghdad Museum and his Platoon was the first to enter Baghdad. Sadam’s head, taken from the Arches as they entered Baghdad was the trophy that Company took home with them. My son’s picture made world news when a small child came up to him and shook his hand that day.

I have three sons who have proudly served their country. I had one son retire as I.T. Colonel and another a Master Sargent. Combined they represented over 50 years in service to their country. Today I have three grandchildren on duty in the military. One of them will become an officer in a few weeks. 

It makes my blood boil when a person who is enjoying the right to say what he pleases and then casts disparaging comments about the people who have fought and died for him to have that right. He is given so much free press without anyone challenging his hatred. Jenson’s letters are a disgrace to this country and the people who have served and love the greatest country that ever was. HISTORY! He must be a product of the new left wing agenda being rewritten in our educational system today. I am not disparaging teachers. They are great! It is the material the new WOKE generation has given them to work with. Jensen got one thing right, Martin Luther King is right. We know who the fools are and what their agenda is. God will not be mocked, Mr. Jensen.

LaVonne Goetesch,