By Msgr. David Baumgartner

Sacred Heart Catholic Church  

Here is a thought from last week’s homily: From Adam to Jesus the devil used the same tricks, to attack by way of sensual pleasure, power and pride. It makes sense that we need to guard against these.

I am afraid and worried. I don’t experience this very often. I am worried for you and for your families. There are terrible tragedies in the world—most of which could have been avoided. They should have been avoided. Some of my worries, like spiking fuel prices and inflation, are nothing compared to the loss of life and home and homeland that millions are experiencing.

The world has been here before. For whatever reason, we seem to be unable to learn the lessons of the past.  

What are we to do with our worry? The first and most important thing is to give it to Jesus. Pray hard, especially for those suffering and the dead. Include them in the intentions of your Lenten sacrifices.

Evil and the effects of evil are real. We can read about them and see pictures of them and watch unending hours of video. 

The one thing we have control over is the effects of evil in our own lives. Jesus has conquered evil! We need to stay close to him, especially with the Sacraments of Penance and Eucharist. I urge you to consider a routine for confessions—at least once a month. The more we go the more we are aware of evil and the effects of evil in our lives, the quicker we can renounce it. Keeping holy the Lord’s Day is essential in the life of a disciple. To receive Jesus worthily in Holy Communion is a cornerstone of our lives of grace.

What we may not realize, is that if we are spiritually compromised, in any way, we are bringing down those close to us, and especially those we love the most.

Jesus repeated two things in his resurrection appearances, “Don’t be afraid!” and “Peace be with you.”  I renounce my fear and my worry in the name of Jesus. I will seek the sacraments in hopes of lifting you up—you who are who are closest to me, the ones I love the most.