To the Editor,

On behalf of several descendants of the pioneer Chilton homesteaders in Burlington Township, we thank Dewayne Schaefer, Lloyd Berteck and Grant Graham for the extensive work they have done to restore the Chilton Cemetery on County Highway 29.

Frazee greatly benefited from early Chilton civic involvements and economic ventures. The cemetery lands they donated to the public all too soon became neglected, Frazeeā€™s heritage forgotten, until Dewayne, Lloyd and Grant came forth to resurrect local history via concrete efforts of restoration in the cemetery. All who drive by the cemetery notice how beautiful it now looks.

But, these three civic-minded volunteers need help to continue their work. Please consider helping protect this local historic site. Many local families have ancestors buried there. Help, out of respect for your own ancestors,

Thank you,

Jane Lawrence, descendant of WMG Chilton, a cemetery volunteer in PA