To the Editor, 

I love this community and try to respect others property. I am a resident who lives on Fourth Street SE and take care of my own property such as mowing, raking and snow cleaning. I do it the way I want it, but that does not mean it’s a turn around for everyone. It’s private property, but for some reason people are lazy and seem to think it’s OK with me to use my driveway. Really people. I work hard to keep it in good shape and I do not appreciate that it is used like it’s a roundabout. 

It’s a quiet neighborhood most of the time, which is one reason I like this area. After the last snow the other night, a nice young man stopped to help me clean out the end of my driveway. I don’t usually ask for help but it was so appreciated, so I learned there are good people on this town. 

I’m just writing this to have people learn to respect their neighbors or other people property. Thank you!

Linda Riebe,