To the Editor,

I am writing this letter in regards to the Heartland Trail bridge being constructed over County Highway 10 by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resrouces. This bridge and the trail route itself is autrocious, badly planned and goes against common sense for anyone hiking to take in nature’s beauty and safely exercise.

To run this trail along the corridor of Highway 10, where heavy traffic and business have to cross over the trail, makes no sense to me. Not only is it hazardous for those on teh trail, but it also creates a liability for those businesses in their daily operations.

To run the trail along Acorn Lake also infringes on the privacy of those property owners along Acorn Lake Road, and it also runs on the right-of-way of a township road. The retaining wall that was erected along the South shore of the lake to maintain the integrity of Highway 10 is an eyesore to the natural beauty of th elake, and was an expense that could have been better spent.

I am overly negative to my thinking about this project and, those that put it together with hopes that it will improve business intrests in Frazee, will find that it doesn’t.

The millions of dollars spent could have been better allcoated to more local contractors and the development should have taken a more rural route into Detroit Lakes from Frazee, parhaps along Frazee Road and McHugh Road.

Whatever, I will just have to sit here and listen to the pounding in of pilings of the new bridge.

Sincerly yours,

Wally Flatland,