Anything that is true has its roots in God

By Pastor Ryan Stockstrom

Harvest Fellowship Church

Last week, I wrote about seeing reflections of God through the familiar faces you meet in small communities. I then challenged: “What reflections of God do you see in our small community? His kindness? His generosity? Love? Look around; I believe you’ll find them.”

And so today, I want to talk about my experience with seeing reflections of God through educators. Growing up attending Frazee-Vergas, I believe my education was top notch, and I was influenced in great ways in my education. When I attended Oak Hills Christian College after high school, I was taught that “all truth is God’s truth.” In other words, anything that is true; has its roots in God. The laws of physics for example, in a biblical worldview, were set in place by the God who created them. So to study the laws of physics, which I was taught to do by a particularly fun teacher at FHS, is to study the laws of creation, and indirectly the God who made them.

One time, I was shown a reflection of the compassion and humor of God. During one of my growth spurts as a young man, one of my classmates loudly pointed out that my pants were too short, and I was surely awaiting a flood. The entire class laughed, and I sunk into my chair.  Without skipping a beat, my teacher bent over, rolled up his jeans, and said something to the extent of “Let’s start a new trend.”  

I instantly felt reassured I was not the outcast that the brunt of the joke made me feel like.

As I write sermons and different things such as this article, I am extremely grateful to some amazing English teachers who taught me the nuances of the language and thoroughly corrected my grammar. They helped form the foundation to be able to do what I do today. 

Educators are often some of the most selfless, caring, and giving individuals society has to offer.  All of these are attributes of God. They put up with behaviors, selfishness, anger, and the moodiness of young people—reflecting the patience of God. All while trying to teach and instruct young minds how to think critically and learn the facts of this world that will set them up for becoming a productive part of society. They often wear their hearts on their sleeve and show consistent kindness and love, even when it is rarely returned. They also often receive the brunt of unfair criticism. And, if those things don’t exemplify Christ; what does? 

Now, I’m not saying that every educator is perfect, or that there aren’t bad examples. I’m simply sharing that my experience was pretty great in our little school. I am extremely grateful to the educators who helped shape my understanding, and for the ones who continue to do so in my children’s lives today. I haven’t even touched on the great example and reflection of God who  support staff, coaches, and administrators offer; reflecting the care, support, discipline and order of God.

So, the next time your child comes home excited to have learned something new or learned a new fact about how the universe operates, remember the reflection of God educators are showing your children, and be thankful!