By Pastor Ryan Stockstrom

Harvest Fellowship Church

That’s right, I said it!  

There is great joy in seeing God at work. There is great fun in rejoicing with people who have had a real encounter with God, and their whole demeanor has changed from generally upset with life, to full of joy. One of our deepest needs as people is a spiritual need; specifically the need to be forgiven of our sin.

Sin, simply means, “To miss the mark.”  When your buddy is out deer hunting this week, you can tell them, “Go and “sin” no more—don’t miss your mark!”  

Of course, the sin Jesus speaks of is missing the mark compared to God’s perfection and what He has revealed in His Word. This means we sin in so many ways: in our thoughts and actions and how we treat the people around us.  

Romans 3:23 affirms, “All have sinned.”  

But here’s the amazing thing: Sin has been dealt with.  

Jesus took upon Himself the wrath of God for every sin you and I will ever commit. He has paid for us. By trusting Him in faith, our sin, will will be forgiven, and God chooses not to remember or hold our sin against us. This is absolutely the best news you and I will ever receive.

We don’t need to cope with our sin, or mask it or the effects of it with different types of addiction.  We can simply get rid of it by giving it to Jesus and going to Him in prayer to forgive us.  

So, while your hunting buddies might not forgive your ‘sin’ of missing that big 10 pointer, Jesus is willing and able to forgive every one of your real sins, set you free from the desire to sin more, and help you live a life that is truly full of joy…and well…fun.