We would like to thank everyone who has contributed in any way following my cancer diagnosis and surgery. A special thanks goes out to Ringdahl Ambulance, Vergas Fire & Rescue, Perham Ambulance, all the doctors and nurses in Perham and Fargo, the air transport that got me to Mayo, and the top-notch doctors and nurses there and at Generose Rehabilitation.  A heartfelt thank you also goes out to the Frazee and Vergas communities, the sports teams, Northern Lights Dance Academy, Dynamic Homes, Sacred Heart Parish, and all who helped organize and contribute to the fundraiser in January.  We are overwhelmed with the response and support and greatly appreciate every dollar donated, meal, card, text, and phone call. It has been a long road and I continue to work on recovering to get back to a somewhat normal life. 


Stacy and Bruce Moe