To the Editor,

I want  to share with your readers a story that tells something about life in Frazee.  A few days after my husband died, I received a lovely plant with a card signed, “The First Graders”.  

Eighty years ago, Charleen (Rein) Schemerhorn, Mary Ann (Ketter) Moore, Pat (Ebeltoft) Pfeifer, 

Ruthie (Dunn) Morrow and I started  first grade in Frazee.  Twelve years later, we graduated and went different directions, but kept in touch.  We all lived busy lives and didn’t get together as much as we would have liked. 

In later years, travel was not easy for everyone. We live in Washington, Montana, Apple Valley, Minnesota, Perham and Chicago.  Now, 80 years after we first met, they are still reaching out to me.

These are a great group of women and I am privileged to call them my friends.


Pat Daggett Martin