To the Editor,

My earlier letter, I Am Woke, stirred up sufficient interest in the subject to elicit comments from our anti-WOKE neighbors in the area. That was the good part because the one word slogan “WOKE,” has grown to Anti-WOKE” and will define the two political parties for the next election. Democrats are WOKE. Republicans are vehemently anti-WOKE. The election, therefore, is in the hands of the undecided which is now 40 percent of the electorate.

The Democrat platform calls for progressive, liberal action on improvements to social problems such as racism, women’s rights, health care for all, decent wages, pensions, food and environment safety, public education, abortion and women’s rights, economic  and physical infrastructure for everyone’s use, economic and national defense cooperation with our global  partners…just a few of the positive, progressive efforts…and much more. 

There is no Republican platform to compare it to so Republicans being anti-WOKE must mean they oppose those progressive policies for the common good. Their strategy seems to be just wing it…we’ll know what to do when the time comes to take action. In the meantime, their actions are to cut, cut, cut…taxes, essential regulations, support for the disadvantaged even suggesting those on Medicaid have a work requirement. What businesses can afford to hire people who cannot do the work?

To make any sense of this, we must look to the best definition of WOKE and WOKEism. The best sources of that are dictionaries and other politically independent data sources, not the opinions of party leaners. In all cases investigated, the term, WOKE means enlightened leading to more adjectives refining it further to such traits as empathetic, educated, socially aware…The teachings attributed to Jesus were perhaps the most WOKE writings to draw from.

To those in the undecided grouping, the weight of our nation’s future in on your shoulders. Please use your intellect and good sense when deciding how to cast your ballot. We’re counting on you.

Lee Purrier, 

Park Rapids, Minn.