To the Editor,

I don’t ever write to the editor on anything I read in the paper. But this one got to me. 

My husband and I receive the paper every week and I often read online. The first thing I look for in the Forum…The Police Blotter. It’s sometimes very entertaining and I like to share it with others too. As far as Mark Flemmer and Andrea Froeber, they seem to be the only 2 people in the entire city with a problem. I don’t think their opinion should be the only one that matters so much that they can censor the column! It’s absolutely ridiculous. They can solve their little problems with the column by simply not reading it. I find it absolutely immature and juvenile of them to be so sensitive to a few little excerpts that they make a childish complaint about it. 

Unfortunate that these two were elected into their positions and that they feel like becoming a tyrant  in how they do things makes them somehow feel superior to others. Well that is not so. I, among so many others, ENJOY the police blotter and as far as the ONLY two complainers in the entire city are concerned, they can just censor themselves. Freedom of speech is STILL a right.

Thank you,

Crystal Riewer,